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Here you’ll find links to a selection of published works (both in print and online) and various other projects that I’ve been involved in during my career in English language teaching. If you wish to reprint any articles in your publication or if you would like me to speak at your event, please contact me.

Ici vous trouverez des liens vers une sélection de travaux publiés (sur papier et en ligne) et vers d’autres projets sur lesquels j’ai travaillé pendant ma carrière dans la formation professionnelle en anglais. Si vous souhaitez inclure un de mes articles dans votre publication ou si vous voudriez que je présente lors de votre événement, merci de me contacter.

Online profiles:



  • Speak Better, Feel Great TV: YouTube channel created in January 2015, designed to help French professionals boost their English and boost their careers:
  • Preview of my presentation ” ‘Yes, and…’: Improvisational theater techniques for developing spontaneous speaking skills” at IATEFL BESIG annual conference 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic:

Workshops and presentations

  • “Focus on video for ELT”
    • 3-day workshop for English teachers, EdYOUFest, Palermo, Italy, August 2016
  • “Personal branding for freelance success in ELT”
    • IATEFL Annual Conference, Birmingham, England, April 2016
  • An Introduction to Self Publishing for English Teachers”
    • TESOL France Annual Colloquium, Paris, France, November 2015
  • “From small wins to big success”
    • EdYOUFest, Genova, Italy, May 2015
  • “How to get started making YouTube videos for your students”
    • InnovateELT conference, Barcelona, Spain, May 2015
    • IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference, Munich, Germany, November 2016
  • “The Experimental Practice Jungle: Walk on the wild side”
    • ELTABB weekend workshop, Berlin, Germany, November 2014
    • TESOL France Annual Colloquium, Paris, France November 2013
    • IATEFL Annual Conference, Harrogate, England, April 2014
  • ” ‘Yes, and…’: Improvisational theater techniques for developing spontaneous speaking skills”
    • IATEFL Hungary Annual Conference,Veszprem, Hungary, Sept. 2014
    • TESOL France Paris weekend workshop, Dec. 2013
    • IATEFL BESIG annual conference, Prague, Czech Republic, Nov. 2013
  • “The Big Picture: Teaching grammar holistically and visually”,
    • TESOL France Grenoble weekend workshop, Nov. 2013
    • IATEFL Poland annual conference, Lodz, Poland, Sept. 2013
  • “What is Dogme ELT, how can I do it, and what will my students think?”
    • TESOL France Strasbourg event, Strasbourg, France, March 2013
  • “Dogme ELT through students’ eyes”
    • TESOL France annual colloquium, Paris, France, November 2012
  • “Teach the learners, not the lesson plan: A semester of unplugged teaching”
    • TESOL France Grenoble weekend workshop, June 2012
    • TESOL France Lyon weekend workshop, June 2012
  • “Bring out your students’ inner creativity”
    • TESOL France Grenoble swapshop, Grenoble, France, February 2011


  • “Video making for beginners”, presented with Vicki Hollett of Simple English Videos
    • IATEFL Weekend webinar, January 2016
  • “7 tools for effective business English courses”,
    • BELTA (Belgian English Language Teachers Association) webinar, June 2014
  • “Unplugging the coursebook”
    • TESOL France webinar, October 2012

On the web:


Writing work



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