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A bit about me

I love Teaching English as a Foreign Language (hence the name of this blog).

I live and work in Grenoble, in the French Alps and have been here since 2004. Here, I’ve gone from being a Masters student to a Masters graduate to an English language teacher and now a Cambridge DELTA candidate (while still teaching English, of course). My clients or students, depending on the context, include business professionals in a range of sectors, post-high school students in 2-year professional training programs, and university students in anything from paper engineering to art history.

Although I call Grenoble home today, I’ll always call Pascagoula, Mississippi my hometown. And don’t worry, my students are always surprised at my lack of a strong southern accent. Of course, it does tend to creep out on trips back, but that’s alright y’all.

Since I live in the mountains, my rare free time is filled with jogging, cycling, hiking, and skiing. I also enjoy a few nerdy hobbies like hanging out in museums, trying to learn German, and packing bento lunches.

And in case that’s not enough, click over to to see who agrees to publish my writing work.

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